A multimillion-dollar producer

Meet Alysia Shivers

Alysia isn’t trying to be the agent who closes 100 deals a year. She’d rather work with a handful of clients at a time and give them exceptional service.


When you partner with Alysia to sell your home or to find a new home, you will be partnering with a real estate market specialist who understands what works and who listens to your specific needs and desires. Alysia will be an asset to you without wasting your time.


Everyone has a favorite & Alysia wants to be yours.

Alysia understands why people move to Naples … it’s Naples! Waking up to sunshine every day and enjoying the sea breezes gives one a new pace and outlook on life.


A multimillion-dollar producer, having listed and sold several homes in some of Southwest Florida’s most exclusive communities, Alysia is a proven, successful, full-time Realtor in the Naples, Bonita Springs and Estero markets.

A Little Background on Alysia

Her degree in journalism and her extensive marketing background perfectly complement her real estate sales career as she is the author of the book, “Moving to Naples: The Un-Tourist Guide,” a 150-page guide to all things Naples for those who want to make a life in paradise.


Alysia has been a Naples resident since 2000 having moved here from New Jersey where she was born and raised.


She was never cut out for snow, ice and near zero temperatures.  Endless sunshine, warm weather and palm trees are more her style and suit her smiley, sunny personality, too!


If escaping the north is in your plans, Alysia would love to help guide you through all things real estate so, like herself, you can start calling this beautiful beachside town home.


Even if you are already enjoying Naples full- or part-time and simply want to relocate within or elsewhere around the globe, Alysia would be honored to be by your side from listing to close.


In the meantime, enjoy reading her blog posts about Naples Florida where she shows off the town she loves through photos and helps out buyers and sellers with the occasional real estate tip.

About My Blogs and Articles

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Moving To Naples?

Purchase this practical & lively guide written by 22-year Naples resident & Realtor, Alysia Shivers.

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