I hate to admit this, but I’ve lived here 13 years and I only just visited Jimmy P’s Butcher Shop & Deli in Naples for the first time last week.

What a place!

It’s a combination butcher shop, market and eatery in the Moorings Plaza, a cozy little strip plaza across from the Coastland Center, which is just a fancy name for our mall in Naples.

In my “Moving to Naples: The Un-Tourist Guide” book, I mention Jimmy P’s for its meats and game, because over the years my husband has raved about the unique selection, and during my visit I got to see exactly what he’s been talking about.

In the mood for kangaroo? Or perhaps crocodile? Maybe camel or antelope is more to your liking. I’m not making this up. These and other exotic meats are pre-packaged and sold in Jimmy P’s refrigerator section.

I perused the shelves while waiting for our lunch to be prepared — for me, a Kobe burger with Swiss; for my husband, an all-beef Kobe hot dog. Both were excellent! A few tables give you the option of dining indoors or out.

The butcher shop is chock-full of beautiful meats or you can buy hot prepared foods like rotisserie chicken or pork roasts, baby back ribs, prime rib, beef tenderloin, and more.

But there are also wines, sauces, seasonings, and even a small selection of fresh vegetables to choose from, making this a one-stop shop for dinner.

Family owned and operated, Jimmy P’s has a smokehouse on site where it produces a lot of its homemade items, including smoked sausages, beef jerky and deli meats.

If you are checking out Jimmy P’s for the first time, I suggest you go either mid-morning or mid-afternoon because I hear the line is out the door during lunch time.