How important is location to you when buying a Naples home?

These days it seems like condition and price are more important to buyers.

Evaluating price and value is perfectly logical when home buying. That should be top priority. But when other factors like granite, stainless steel appliances, lawn and landscape care, and a pool take precedence over location, your Realtor really should be educating you.Location-Location-Location

Location may not be top of mind when house hunting in Naples. You’re probably thinking … you’re in Naples, it’s all fantastic. But you should still be cognizant of the distance to conveniences, like the grocery store, and to entertainment like the beach, shops and restaurants. And you should still be looking at the neighborhood as a whole or at the very least the street you’d be living on and taking into account how well the neighbors are maintaining their properties. All of these factors into value.

If you are not thinking about location now, you certainly will be thinking about location when you go to sell.

Think of it this way … sure it may be nice to move into a move-in ready house that has everything you want at a price you can afford. But how often does that really happen? Items like granite, appliances, even a pool can be changed and/or added as your budget allows, but location can never change.

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