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I so want to try paddleboarding.

I first saw people doing this water activity in Maui, and while I was intrigued I wasn’t ready to try it myself. Now this activity has grown more popular here in Naples Florida and it’s grown on me, too.

Several shops now offer paddleboard rentals, lessons, boards and accessories for sale. There’s even a Naples Stand Up Paddle Board Club that apparently meets Sunday mornings along Naples Beach.

Considering the Gulf of Mexico is smooth as glass first thing in the morning and really doesn’t change most of the day unless an afternoon shower kicks up some wind and some waves, paddleboarding is perfect for us here in Naples Florida.

Check out this kid paddleboarding on the Gulf. I’m thinking if he can do it, why can’t

Photo by Alysia Shivers, Realtor, Naples Florida

Photo by Alysia Shivers, Realtor, Naples Florida

Here are some local outfits that offer paddleboard rentals:

Naples Paddleboard

The Olde Naples Surf Shop

Naples Bay Resort

If you know of any others, please let me know.