Naples•isms: All Things Naples Florida

On Saturday I went to the Naples Zoo, and so did most of Naples.

Not that I’m complaining. I’m actually happy to see that so many residents are taking advantage of the free admission to the Naples Zoo, which takes place the first Saturday of every month. All you need to bring is proof of residency and you’re in!

If you’ve never visited the Naples Zoo, I encourage you to check it out. It’s unlike any zoo I’ve been to before. Usually in major metropolian zoos, the animals are far away and behind huge walls. Not here! Here in Naples Florida the only thing separating you from the animals is a fence and a thick piece of what looks like plexiglass. You really get to experience the animals this way and see them up close.

Although it was a hot and humid August morning, the tiger was doing his usual pacing around his pen, the lions were sleeping, the hyenas were playing, and the monkeys were were making loud, funny sounds as they swung across ropes. So much fun!

This happened to be my first visit since the Zoo brought in a new exhibit — giraffes! All I can say is wow … they were amazing! You can pay a little extra to feed them but I got a great view just standing off to the side. What magnificent creatures!

Photo by Alysia Shivers, Realtor, Naples Fla.