Want to sell your home faster? Then you need to focus on cleaning it and keeping it that way!

Buyers tend to notice how clean your home is before they notice anything else. So from the inside to the outside, your house needs to be spotless for real estate photos and virtual tours. Wondering how to accomplish this swiftly? Then you may find the cleaning and staging resources below incredibly useful as you prep your home for sale:

How Can I Declutter My Home Before Selling? 

If you want to sell your home, you need to get rid of your clutter. This includes bulky furniture and excess decor, so use these links to clear that stuff out:

The Ultimate Decluttering & Tidying Up Checklist 

How to Get Deals on Naples Self-Storage (10’x10″ Averages $86)

Organizing a Garage in Five Simple Steps 

How to Declutter Your Kids’ Rooms 

How Can I Clean My Home & Keep it That Way? 

Once you have your clutter organized and stowed away, you should start focusing on deep-cleaning your home. These tips can make the task easier:

Hiring Professional House Cleaners 

Cleaning Products Pros Recommend 

Room-By-Room Deep Cleaning Checklist 

Effortless Ways to Keep Your Home Spotless

How Can I Tidy Up My Lawn to Enhance Curb Appeal? 

The inside of your home can attract offers, but the outside of your home is what draws buyers in, so make sure your home makes a good first impression with these resources:

4 Tips for Cleaning & Maintaining Your Yard 

Tree Trimming 101 for Homeowners 

How to Mulch Gardens & Stop Weeds 

Realistic Tips for Adding Curb Appeal

How Can I Show Off All of My Hard Work and Sell My Home? 

Decluttering, deep-cleaning and staging your home can take some serious time and effort, which makes it even more important to use these tips to show it all off to buyers:

Choosing The Right Real Estate Agent

Tips for a Successful Real Estate Photo Shoot 

Lighting Your Home to Sell

How Real Estate Virtual Tours Sell Houses

This guide should be everything you need to get your home clean and maintain that tidiness while it’s on the market. Hopefully, after using the tips included, you will be able to sell your home faster and move onto the next chapter in your life. Good luck with your home sale!


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