One of the amazing things about Naples Florida is you never know who you might be rubbing elbows with when sitting at the bar, walking down Fifth Avenue South, or watching the sunset. Could be a celebrity, a high-powered CEO, a millionaire, a billionaire … a combination perhaps.millionaires

I have yet to experience a celebrity sighting in Naples, although I admit, I’m not usually on the lookout for one. But while Naples does have its share of celebrities, the lion’s share are not necessarily entertainers you would see on Entertainment Tonight, but rather CEOs and the like. Therefore, you never know who you might be striking up a conversation with.

Phoenix Marketing recently released the findings of its 2012 report which zeroes in on where in the country millionaires are calling home. Naples snagged the number three spot!

Here’s what the report shows:

Naples Florida population: 320,087
Concentration of millionaire households: 8.9%
Number of millionaire households: 12,078
Median income for all households: $56,876
Median home value: $317,200

Living in Naples Florida where there’s a high concentration of millionaires can affect you one of two ways: you can either be down about it, or you can strive to do more and maybe make the list yourself someday. These folks accomplished it, why not you, too?

If nothing else, Naples is a beautiful place and because of that it attracts the best and therefore retains its beauty. I’m all for that!

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