I know what you’re thinking.

You are thinking it’s summer in Southwest Florida. Schools are out, families are on vacation, and life and work are no longer go, go, go. You are thinking it is break time, but is it?

Let’s consider who’s not taking a break this summer. New home builders!

Why should this concern you?

If you’ve been thinking of selling your Naples home, you have to consider the competition from the new home market.

Yes, it’s true that a lack of inventory of existing homes and a healthy buyer demand are impacting Naples market values, which in some pockets of Southwest Florida are starting to experience some modest increases. But for every day that you wait to put your home up for sale, more builders enter our market.

It’s been years since sellers have had to compete with new homes in Naples, but the reality is builders are back. And while new construction isn’t nearly happening at the frenzied pace it was back in 2004-2005, every day more builders are jumping back into the recovering Naples real estate market and adding to your competition.

Homes that are shiny and new and often come with a warranty are attractive alternatives to buyers. As an owner of an existing home, waiting may mean going up against even more new home competition.

Waiting may seem wise, but that magical market value you are waiting on may not be so wonderful if you can’t attract the buyers. No one has a crystal ball. If you are ready to sell, you should sell. Contact me so we can discuss how to best position your property against the competition, new and otherwise.

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