It’s almost impossible for me to pass by a Dunkin’ Donuts in Naples without stopping in to see if my all-time favorite doughnut — vanilla cream — is on the shelf. And even when it’s not, which so often it isn’t, I still walk out of there with a sugary treat. So they really had to twist my arm to try their new menu items (yeah right).

Taste testing new doughnuts — Lemonade and Key Lime — was not a surprise; we were in a doughnut shop after all.

lemonade doughnut

But when they started bringing out sandwiches — barbecue chicken with low-fat cheddar cheese on a French baguette; chicken and bacon with Ranch dressing on a French baguette; and chicken on a biscuit — I was a little skeptical.

For those who know me, I’m not much of a barbecue chicken girl. But, wow, Dunkin’ Donut’s barbecue chicken sandwich was very tasty with just a little kick and not too much heat for this self-confessed spice wuss. Even the chicken and bacon with Ranch was yummy. What really made these two sandwiches rock was the French baguette, which is baked fresh at Dunkin’ Donuts every day. Who knew?

The chicken biscuit wasn’t my favorite, but I’m from Jersey and I believe this is a southern thing. Forgive me, but it wasn’t wowing me.

Then they brought out the glazed doughnut sandwich!

glazed doughnut sandwich

This consists of a fried egg and bacon sandwiched between a sliced glazed doughnut. The egg and the bacon hit my palette first followed by the sweet of the doughnut. By my second bite, I was hooked. And here’s the thing … usually when we hit Dunkin’ Donuts for breakfast I get a croissant sandwich with ham, egg and cheese. And, of course, we can’t leave Dunkin’ without buying a doughnut. This doughnut sandwich takes care of both cravings at once and it’s only 360 calories! Brilliant!

I also tried a few new drinks, too, like sweet tea and frozen hot chocolate, both of which were awesome, but for this chocoholic, you can imagine what my first pick was!

frozen hot chocolate

Other drinks that were tasted included two iced coffees — mint chocolate and butter pecan. Both seemed to be crowd pleasers.

Tomorrow the public gets to enjoy the Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich as it will officially be added to the menu. And, considering Friday, June 7 is National Doughnut Day, you not only get to try this tasty treat, but with the purchase of any drink you get a free doughnut at any Dunkin’ Donuts location.

So where are the Dunkin’ Donuts in Naples?

Now if I can just get Dunkin’ Donuts to make more vanilla cream doughnuts, this girl would be a happy camper! Maybe the powers that be can add a “to go” button for special orders on the new Dunkin’ Donuts app. Just a thought …