Yes, that’s me at the shooting range. That’s only a 22 in my hand, but don’t be fooled, I prefer the 9mm and 40-caliber, and even shot all the way up to an AR-15.

As a woman, safety is always a concern. As a Realtor, that concern is quadrupled.

There was an article in the Naples Daily News shortly after the Colorado movie house shooting reporting how gun sales were spiking due to the incident. There’s no denying that fear drives gun sales. I think it is a wise investment provided you know how to properly handle the weapon you purchase.

Many gun shops in Naples offer the concealed weapons course which walks you through how to identify the different parts of a gun, whether it be an automatic or a revolver; how to properly handle it, load it and shoot it; and the details of the Florida statutes with regard to carrying a concealed weapon and using a weapon to defend your safety.

I recently took the Basic Handgun and Firearms Safety class to obtain our Concealed Weapons Permit at Smokin Barrels Gunshop off Pine Ridge Road. Dustin Vickers and his dad, Gary, were excellent teachers both at the shop during the three-hour course and out at the Port of the Islands range where we got to shoot a myriad of guns.

Port of the Islands offers the only outdoor gun range in Naples, but in Fort Myers you’ll also find a couple of indoor ranges – Fowler Firearms and Shoot Straight.

Now I feel better prepared both at work and at home to protect myself should the need every present itself. Of course, my hope is that it never does. But beware … the guys tell me I’m a good shot!


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