Naples•ism: All Things Naples Florida

Seeing 100° plus temperatures across the Northeast and Midwest this summer got me thinking about Naples’ weather.

For the most part, my family lives in Jersey and they wonder how me and my husband could possibly live in Florida where it’s so HOT. I find that to be funny considering here in Naples we’ve never actually reached 100 degrees.

Hard to believe, right?

Our highest temperature on record, according to, is 99°F in September 1986.

The highest temperature on record for Trenton New Jersey is 105°F in 1936. And records for summer 2012 show several days reaching the 100° mark and beyond in New Jersey.

Is it hot in Florida? Of course it is. Even though Naples has never reached 100°, there are many summer days when it feels like 100-plus. The difference is our area enjoys fairly constant Gulf breezes and every home has central air.

Those older homes up north just aren’t equipped to handle the excessive summer heat. And boy, does it get crazy hot up there in the Northeast. That, coupled with the long winter months … makes me thankful I live in Florida!

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