Happy Homebuyers: From Pennsylvania to Naples … Couple Finds Florida Dream Home

When I say it can take awhile before you find the home you are looking for, I’m not joking. For Ralph and Elaine Sharp the hunt took exactly one year.

Not for lack of trying. The Sharps’ 12-month search took them to nearly every home for sale in Golden Gate Estates as well as a few closer in to town. We made several offers, and a couple were accepted, but ultimately unrealistic sellers, multiple offer situations, and exceptionally low appraisals always put their dream of Florida home ownership just out of reach.

That is … until they found this amazing two-story home. Nervous because it was a short sale, the Sharps continued to look while always keeping this home on their radar. When nothing else panned out, they decided the two-story short sale must be for them.

Ralph and Elaine went in with realistic expectations, heeding my warnings about short sale situations and also taking into account what some of their friends were experiencing with regard to short sales. In this case, all parties were diligently working for a common goal and the Sharps went from offer to close in three months!

Today, they are happy Naples homeowners with plenty of room for their family and lots of land just as they had dreamed!

Congratulations Ralph and Elaine! Enjoy Naples!

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