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My husband and I are not big gamblers … one, because we lose more than we win; and two, because we’re never willing to bet the amount of money we’d need for a big win.

Needless to say, the Seminole Casino in Immokalee is not a place we visit frequently, but every once in a while something draws us there. Most recently was the Food Truck Rally, which unfortunately just happened to be cancelled the night we drove out there.

So, with our stomachs growling we made our way into the casino to see about our food options.

We’d heard a lot about the 1st Street Deli from friends and neighbors so we made a beeline across the game floor. The place was packed and as we waited patiently in line for a table to open up, our mouths watered at the dishes being served.

1st Street Deli is an authentic New York-style delicatessen with sandwiches piled high with meats and slaw and dressing … yum! Everything from the appetizers to the main course to the desserts was awesome! Made me feel like I was back home, even though home is on the other side of the tunnel.

We did gamble a bit that night, too, and we did walk out of there a few dollars richer. Plus, our bellies were happy, too! It was a winning night!

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