I bought a Groupon last summer for paddleboarding, something I’ve wanted to try now for a while, but we didn’t actually get to use it until just the other day.

What a blast!

I was nervous, but the Gulf of Mexico was smooth and the weather was perfect! It takes a bit of gumption to stand up on that board but once you’re up it’s not so bad.

My husband, who’s a really tall guy at 6-foot-6 had more trouble standing up on the board. In fact, he fell in quite a bit. But as Steve from True Blue Water Sports in Naples Florida explained, his height was maxing out the board. He would need a longer board but those are not available for rent … just for purchase.

No matter what, we still had a good time. And we gave the folks on the Naples beach quite a show. They were rooting us on! And yes, we were sore for the next couple of days because it is quite a workout.