Naples•isms: All Things Naples Florida

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy a sweet treat, I recommend a place by that very name … Sweet Treats. Located at the corner of Vanderbilt Beach and Airport-Pulling Roads in Naples (you’ll find it in a plaza behind Calistoga), this little ice cream shop is a great find!

I’ve been to the Marble Slabs and the Cold Stone Creameries, and they are delicious, but Sweet Treats offers you the same concept — mixing yummy candies, sauces and fruits into ice cream or frozen yogurt — at a much more reasonable price.

What’s really cool about Sweet Treats’ mixing process is that a drill contraption is used. I still haven’t figured out how it actually works, but it looks pretty neat!

Sweet Treats does offer some ice cream concoction suggestions, which I suppose are favorites among the crowd, but I prefer to create my own which usually results in lots of chocolate from cookies to chips mixed in to what else … chocolate ice cream. Yum!

Hint: If you just want some ice cream and not a boat load, try the child’s size. I usually find it to be just enough ice cream.

Photo by Alysia Shivers, Realtor, Naples Florida